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the ancient and now extinct language of Egypt under the Pharaohs

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However, Consuming Ancient Egypt, in contrast to the volume on architecture, ranges through a variety of Egyptianizing media and experiences from the ever-interesting mummy phenomenon to the "relics" of Egypt sold in the native bazaars.
The Impact and Implications of the Egyptian and Egyptianizing Objects Found in Bronze Age Crete ca.
My argument is intended to demonstrate that the amulet is of Phoenician origin, Egyptianizing (6) in form, and employing iconography whose closest parallels are with the "Phoenician" school of ivory carving.
15) One wonders, therefore, about the status of their authors in society, particularly if Sternberg-El Hotabi's suggestion that these texts in general recall those on such Egyptianizing monuments as the obelisks of Domitian in Rome or the Mensa Isiaca now in Turin obtains.
Phoenician and Punic ceremonial razors are a type much studied for their Egyptianizing and hellenizing iconography.
Stone Vessels at Kamid el Loz: Egyptian, Egyptianizing, or non-Egyptian?
First, Keel has now proved beyond doubt that local Palestinian production of these objects in an Egyptianizing style is fact rather than theory.
Redford properly feels that much of the "Egyptian" influence on Israel was indirect via Israel's more immediate neighbors, among whom the Egyptianizing tendency of the Bronze Age had been preserved into the first millennium B.
of California Press, 1978) emphasizes egyptianizing tendencies in American architecture.