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the ancient and now extinct language of Egypt under the Pharaohs

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Despite changes in recent decades that Egyptianized the staff and made entry affordable to all classes of Egyptian people, neither the museum nor the heritage it shelters has ever been fully integrated into the cultural consciousness of the city or the country.
105) Though this policy did not directly target the non-governmental private sector, the field of aviation was exceptionally singled out as an arena that needed to be Egyptianized.
Despite the scenes of tribute and the language of violence and exploitation, the Egyptianized areas of Nubia were co-opted rather than crushed, and they became part of a "sacred landscape" that included both countries and incorporated deities of all localities.
The playbill states that El-Hakim's text is adapted and Egyptianized by professional dramaturg Zeinab Mubarak.
The author deliberately excludes the most well known of these forms, the painted mummy portraits, as these have been the focus of the majority of studies to date, as well as the Egyptianized Graeco-Roman material from Alexandria and the Greek settlements.