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the ancient and now extinct language of Egypt under the Pharaohs

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With more Egyptian pilots being trained the company encouraged the Egyptianization of the staff for most positions; including those of training and instruction.
And so, while the war years provided some space for limited government agency in the form of Egyptianization, the overall experience was rather restricted and limited in scope.
In response, Rif'at al-Assad, a prominent Syrian Ba'th party functionary who is also the brother of Hafez al-Assad, the late president of Syria, addressed an open letter to Sadat, in which he objected to the change and lamented that, whereas up to Sadat's assumption of the presidency Egypt had preserved its Arab name, things were now taking a different turn owing to the new regime's "particularism and Egyptianization.
Ikram further contends that state intervention in economic activity assumed four paths: 1) "the 1956 Constitution adumbrated the ideological framework within which such activity was expected to be conducted;" 2) sequestration of British and French financial institutions; 3) Egyptianization of main arteries of the economy; and 4) economic planning.
Through Egyptianization, the bourgeoisie had larger assets.