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the ancient and now extinct language of Egypt under the Pharaohs

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Crocodiles were not exhibited in the venationes until the aedileship of Marcus Aemilius Scaurus in 58 BC, so the only opportunity consumers would have had to familiarise themselves with the creatures would have been through works of Egyptianising art produced by Egyptian craftsmen such as the Praeneste Nile Mosaic or, as is perhaps less likely, viewing them in their natural habitat during a trip to Egypt.
58) Piranesi's extravagant Egyptianising murals for the Caffe degli Inglesi, 1765-67, were published in Diverse maniere di adornare i cammini, Rome, 1769, together with fantastic designs for chimneypieces in the same taste.
In the 1930s, Deubner and Ziegenaus were the first to hypothesise that this was a sanctuary of the Egyptian gods, pointing at the presence of water basins, subterranean corridors, and egyptianising sculptural decoration.