Egyptian vulture

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small mostly white vulture of Africa and southern Eurasia

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Summary: Young Egyptian vultures reared in northern areas migrate south to places like Oman
According to Liberatori and Penteriani (2001), habitat modification by human was the main factor in population change of Egyptian vulture in Italy.
One third of the pairs of Egyptian vultures left on the Balkan peninsula reside in Bulgaria.
The Environment Society of Oman's (ESO) project on Egyptian vultures in Oman, sponsored by Shell Development Oman, recently broke new ground in its conservation efforts toward this Egyptian vulture by successfully tagging two juvenile birds at the Al Amerat dumpsite.
According to environmentalists there are 82 bird species in the area, including the griffon vulture, laggar falcon, peregrine falcon, kestrel, Indian sparrow hawk, Egyptian vulture and white-cheeked bulbul.
This provides a useful reminder for UAE birders that some species seen here regularly are of international conservation concern, like Sociable Lapwing (Critically Endangered), Egyptian Vulture (Endangered--i.
Blue rock pigeon, House sparrow, Common crow, Common babbler, Maina, Parrot, Peacock, Long-billed vulture, White-rumped vulture, Cinereous vulture, Egyptian vulture, Eurasian griffon, Himalayan griffon and Kite) and in Ranthambore National Park, a crocodile with amputated limb, probably caused by predatory attack by the tiger.
Emaciated lions greet you upon entry, followed by hyenas kept in cages barely large enough to walk in, native snakes dying of cold because of the lack of electricity to artificially heat their enclosures and a large and well built aviary dedicated solely to pigeons simply because the resident veterinarian has a personal love for pigeons while the globally endangered Egyptian Vulture is kept in an enclosure three times its wing span.
An Egyptian vulture with a distinctive yellow face, addressed affectionately as Vulchi, has taken up position under the table, waiting for lunch.
Abdo said the Egyptian vulture was not a resident species, but it came to cope with the environment that its number reached 50 birds, adding that the existence of falcons is an indication of the reserve's cleanliness given that falcons are sensitive to chemical pollutants.
2009: Poison-related mortality effects in the endangered Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus population in Spain.
Ornithologists will enjoy the abundance of bird life along the stretches of the blue waters of the Chambal Siberian Cranes, Egyptian Vulture (now an endangered species) and various waterfowl inhabit these areas in good numbers.
APP learnt on Friday that Hazarganji Chiltan National Park Quetta that stretches over 32,500 acres of land, habitats a large number of species of animals and birds including -Chiltan wildgoat or Markhor, Suleiman Markhor, Urial sheep, wolf, Jackal, Red fox, and Desert hare, species of birds include Houbara bustard, Griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, Honey buzzard, Laggar falcon, Peregrine falcon, Kestrel, Indian sparrow hawk, Scops owl, Common cuckoo, European bee-eater, Rock partridge, European nightjar, Long-billed pipit, Orphean warbler, Variable wheatear, Blue rock thrush, Stonechat, and Lichtensteins desert finch and reptiles- Monitor lizard, Russells viper, Saw scaled viper and Spiny tailed lizard.
It is an Egyptian Vulture, a species officially declared endangered, now taking its turn in the sultry late afternoon air.
They also found two golden eagle eggs, two honey buzzard eggs and four Egyptian vulture eggs along with a stuffed rare Montagu's harrier, four owls, a marsh harrier and a honey buzzard.
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