Egyptian pound

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the basic unit of money in Egypt

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The US dollar exchange rate continued its steady rise against the Egyptian pound to reach EGP 11 in the informal market for the first time, multiple traders in the informal currency exchange market in Egypt said on Tuesday.
While the move to float the Egyptian pound has obviously had an adverse impact on inflation, the weakness in the currency is thought to have attracted tourism to Egypt.
The price of the US dollar against the Egyptian pound continued to decline, recording on Monday EGP 15.
The right rate for the pound should be Egyptian pound 9 to the U.
Under the MoU, an additional investment of 4 billion Egyptian pounds is allocated for the development of four neighbourhood centres in the new residential cities in Cairo as well as the development of four new shopping malls in greater Cairo.
Souad Jamalawi, an Egyptian Umrah pilgrim, told Arab News that the cost of Umrah trip with a 4-star hotel booking was estimated at 3,000 Egyptian pounds in 2010.
I want to revive the note of Egyptian Pound after it was replaced by a metal coin in 2005 and started to fall into disuse from 2012," he regretted.
at 2,000 Egyptian pounds a tonne,' a statement by the Trade Ministry said.
8 billion Egyptian pound (US$823 million) contracts will involve the construction of terminal buildings, runways, and assorted airport infrastructure.
8 billion since the flotation of the Egyptian pound in November 2016, the Central Bank of Egypt announced Wednesday.
The source expects that the size of the foreign currency deposits will significantly decrease in November, while Egyptian pound deposits will significantly increase.
Summary: The Egyptian pound was unchanged at a central bank dollar sale on Thursday from the rate in a
The Egyptian pound has strengthened in value following a currency sale by the central bank.
The Egyptian pound strengthened on both the official and black markets on Wednesday as concerns the country faced sustained instability eased further, traders said.
Summary: The Egyptian pound hit a record low on Tuesday after weakening again at a central bank US dollar auction designed to stem a decline in the country's dwindling foreign currency reserves.
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