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the title of the ancient Egyptian kings

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The Egyptian pharaoh was treated as divine, a representative of the gods on earth, if not a god himself.
Reflexology is a practice that dates back to Ancient China and foot massage was even depicted in the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs.
It would be a concrete proof that all the exchanges that happened between Egyptian Pharaohs and Jbeil existed C* and that there was a port in Jbeil that used to export Cedar wood," Sfeir said.
Ruby of the Nile takes players on a picturesque journey to the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs.
The emerald, regarded by the Incas and Aztecs as a 'holy' gemstone, was also treasured by Egyptian pharaohs.
For thousands of years, the Egyptian Pharaohs believed Bastet was a lion-headed goddess, a relative of the sun god Ra and a ferocious protector.
Dovetailing dates back as far as the time of the Egyptian pharaohs and dovetailed furniture from that period was still holding strong thousands of years after it was made.
The Bible's Cover-Stories Revealed" identifies the progenitor of the covert Hebrew-Egyptian lineage that Abraham's wife secretly birthed prior to the birth of Isaac; reveals that Moses and the radical Egyptian Pharoah Akhenaten who promoted the concept of monotheism during his reign were actually brothers; provides photographic evidence that Joseph the Israelite was the maternal grandfather of both Moses and Akhenaten; includes a photograph of a sculptured self-portrait of Moses; exposes the assassinations of four Egyptian Pharaohs (Akhenaten, Smenkhkare, Tutankhamun, and Ay) which dramatically effected the subsequent course of human history; and examines the origin of the conflict between the Pharisees and the Essenes--a conflict that had a direct bearing on the crucifixion of Jesus.
It's also an important burial ground of the Egyptian pharaohs.
Egyptian pharaohs were believed to be the "living Horus.
The treasure of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and the adventure of finding it are yours for the taking this November.
He and Air Force colonel Kurt Russell venture through the gate and discover an evil race of aliens who have been enslaving humans since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs and start a mini-rebellion against them.
NOLIVE OIL: Used by Egyptian pharaohs to moisturise the skin and hair, olive oil is thought to help in delaying the ageing process, possibly as a result of the vitamin E content.
Japanese emperors descended directly from the sun, as did Egyptian pharaohs.
Corky Ra from Salt Lake City has succeeded in getting 1,400 people to pay $74,000 each to have their corpses maintained like ancient Egyptian pharaohs.