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a domestic cat of Egypt

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Summary: Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient Greek temple dedicated to Egyptian cat goddess Bastet in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, the antiquities department said
ROM Repro also has perennial favourites, such as the Egyptian cat and the Jurassic ichthyosaur.
After she's bumped off by a couple of henchmen, mystical Egyptian cat breath brings Patience back to life, imbuing her with a love of tuna and a hatred of dogs.
Brought back to life by a rare Egyptian cat, she becomes Catwoman and sets out to discover the truth about herself and her murderer.
Patience finds herself in deep trouble when she finds out about a sinister secret within the company - but when she is left for dead a strange Egyptian cat breathes in her face and she finds herself reborn with the strength, agility and senses of a feline.
In the film, though, she's a meek and mild beauty-company worker who's been killed and brought back to life by an Egyptian cat that breathes green mist into her mouth.
Think overfed moggy rather than sleek Egyptian cat goddess type feline though.
He looked around and seemed very interested in a black and gold statue of an Egyptian cat.
JONATHAN SAYS: `I love this alabaster Egyptian cat, but it's going to be my gran's Christmas present.
The roles of the Egyptian cat (miu or mii in pharaonic Egyptian -- a case of palaeoonomatopoeia) are intricate and instructive.
A powerful pet (Ferocious Wolf, Egyptian Cat or Loyal Hound) to support the player in combat
As I also have an interest in Egyptology, I have added several Egyptian cat goddesses to my collection, including a lovely, heavy stone head of Bast, bought during a trip down the Nile.
Cult evokes prehistoric standing stone circles as well as hieratic Egyptian cat sculpture-in ancient Egypt, the cat goddess Bastet was the patroness of family happiness.
One of the more prominent items is a 3-foot-tall ceramic Egyptian cat by Yaffa Carry, who modeled the work after a statue in the Museum of Art in New York.
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