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For his part, Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mahmoud Damati warned against the danger threatening the region, indicating that the region is facing the danger of a direct and indirect destruction of the antiquities and the humanitarian heritage.
When I drilled the first hole there were 50 archeologists and people from the department of Egyptian antiquities watching.
No-one dares to harm the Egyptian antiquities, especially the Sphinx and Pyramids because countries of the world protect them," said Mohsin Ali, the chief of the government's Supreme Council of Antiquities.
They are gathered from the most significant international collections of Egyptian antiquities, from museums around the world to hitherto unseen treasures from private collections.
75x12") is the catalogue for an exhibition (date and venue not stated), a collaborative effort of Egypt's Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities, the U.
Classical and Egyptian antiquities have been the prime inspiration of European arts for centuries, down to Picasso and beyond, therefore the display in Mougins reflects well the cultural history of both the South of France and of the Western world.
Museum of Egyptian Antiquities If you have an interest in ancient history then the Egyptian Museum should be a first port of call for a visit to the capital city of Cairo.
The Egyptian antiquities authorities have been pursuing Pharaonic relics that were taken out of the country.
US to justice, unless it gives back what it holds of Egyptian antiquities.
com For grandparents See Egyptian antiquities or bone up on your prehistoric knowledge at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.
The stunning display is from The Myers Eton College Collection of Egyptian Antiquities, courtesy of the 19th century explorer Major William Joseph Myers (1858-1899) who started collecting in Egypt in the 1880s.
Summary: CAIRO: Work has begun to restore priceless Egyptian antiquities, including a statue of King Tutankhamun, damaged by looters amid anti-government protests in Cairo, antiquities chief Zahi Hawass said Sunday.
Museums around the world are on the lookout for looted artifacts after the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo was attacked last week.
The British Museum, home to one of the world's top collections of Egyptian antiquities, including the famed Rosetta Stone, called for more protection of the country's heritage.
Of particular interest was the Sacred and Profane exhibition of Egyptian Antiquities on display courtesy of the Myers Eton College collection.
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