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Higher Military Council member Major General Mamdouh Shaheen announced on Wednesday that "Islam is the state religion but that the Egyptian republic is a democratic system based on citizenship, the Egyptian people are a part of the Arab nation, and the sovereignty of the people is the state's source of authority.
London, Sep 21 (ANI): The daughter of the former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat is going to court to defend her late father against allegations that he murdered his predecessor Gamal Abdel Nasser, the founding father of the modern Egyptian republic.
Today, I stand before you, knowing that it was only because of that chance our young people took, that I am the president of the Egyptian republic.
It was a pyrrhic victory, though, since the Six Day War managed to destroy any confidence the relatively new Egyptian Republic might have had.
The author argues that a president who came to power through democratic means, the first such president in the history of the Egyptian republic, should be supported in the celebration of a revered national holiday, regardless of the degree of political opposition any party may hold towards him, due to the nationalistic, apolitical nature of the event.
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