crocodile bird

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African courser that feeds on insect parasites on crocodiles

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Varricchio asserted that while the nesting style for Troodon is unusual, "there are similarities with a peculiar nester among birds called the Egyptian Plover that broods its eggs while they're partially buried in sandy substrate of the nest.
It has been suggested that this refers to the Egyptian plover [pluvianus aegyptius], which has since also earned the name of "crocodile plover.
Inspired by the Egyptian plover, which acts as a crocodile toothbrush, dePaola developed this charming story.
The Egyptian plover bird picks food from the teeth of crocodilians as they lie with their mouths open.
Although the nesting style for Troodon is unusual, there are some similarities with one bird species - Egyptian Plover - which broods its eggs while they are partially buried in the sandy substrate of its nest.