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Using ego defense mechanisms is often a way of buying time while we [White people] consciously or unconsciously wrestle with more realistic solutions for whatever is troubling us.
Pertaining to modern day race relations between European Americans and African Americans, for example, have we reached the point that ego defenses have actually become conscious defenses on the part of a significant number of White people?
The unconscious mind chimes in with ego defense mechanisms, which allow the ego to deal with the anxiety and respond to the stress.
Beresford's view, analysis of ego defense mechanisms provides an alternative to focusing narrowly on phenomenology or on medical issues while performing a differential diagnosis.
Psychiatrist William Vaillant (1993) has elaborated a detailed schema for understanding the continued development of the ego into adulthood, based on the evolution of ego defenses.
Consistent with Erikson's assertions, the IEC factor isolated in this study suggests that identity exploration is associated with a decline in ego strength, and with symptoms related to the use of ego defenses.
Ego defenses were measured with the Hebrew version of the Ego Defenses Scale.
The ego defenses, which have a particular influence on the musculature by increasing tension, prevent the conscious experience of such intrapsychic turmoil to reach conscious awareness.
In each issue where ego defenses are clearly involved, the patient is also demonstrating efforts to compensate for cognitive disturbance with only partial success.
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