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There saw he Gades where erst by Hercles hand Two pillars, markes for Marriners, were plast; Then over Atlant sea to Egipt land And over Affrica forthwith he past And saw where Balearick Iles do stand; Then travelld to Eviza with like hast And to Arzilla-ward he thence departeth Quite ore that sea that it from Spagna parteth.
Gohar A, Elmazar M (1997) Isolation of hypotensive flavonoids from Chenopodium species growing in Egipt.
What is really significant is the plan, the programme of scenes chosen for illustration, and here the designer's choice is perfectly intelligible from the chapter-heading rubrics: 'How Ihesus was offrede to the temple'; 'How the three kynges made offerande'; 'How the angel warnnede pe thre kynges to ga noghte by heraude'; 'How Ioseph Fledd in till Egipt with Marie and Ihesu'; 'How they leed Ihesu to the scole at lere'; 'How Iesus gaffe the borne blynde man his syghte'; 'Off the man that was helide at the Pisscyne'; 'How Ihesus forgaff pe magdelayne hir synnes'.
PEU este axata pe patru paliere: Rusia, statele independente (Belarus, Moscova, Ucraina), Caucazul de Sud (Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Georgia) si statele din sudul Mediteranei (Algeria, Egipt, Israel, Liban, Libia, Siria, Tunisia), vizand crearea "unui spatiu comun european".