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the exterior covering of a bird's egg

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Raw and calcined eggshells were analyzed by XRF model PANalyticalminiPAL 4 in order to get the percentage of CaO in the sample.
However, in contrast to blue eggshells, eggshells with less brown pigment should elicit more paternal care because of the inverse relationship between pigment presence and female or egg quality.
Disposal of eggshells is also a serious problem for egg processing industries due to stricter environmental regulations and high landfill costs (Rao et al.
Washington, Aug 6 ( ANI ): Paleontologists have found eggshells fragments belonging to huge meat-eating dinosaurs that stalked a vast floodplain some 150 million years ago in what is now Portugal.
Twenty eggshells are displayed in the list which follows.
ESC is created via a patented mechanical process that uses heat to separate eggshells from the adhering membranes.
By separating eggshell membrane from eggshells, the membrane can be partially hydrolyzed using a proprietary process and dry-blended to produce 100% pure Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM[R]) for consumption.
Eggshell calcium (ESC) provides these advantages and more; the calcium derived from eggshells is a natural food source, containing a high content of elemental calcium that is readily absorbed through the intestinal tract.
Due to their high calcium content, eggshells usually have no commercial importance.
A DOCTOR'S daughter has denied assaulting her elderly mum in a row over eggshells.
According to a new study, an ancient culture in what is today South Africa scratched on ostrich eggshells to make symbols 60,000 years ago.
He made a stool out of eggshells and a model of the atmosphere out of tape and what looked like a bicycle frame.
For a practical matter, if you do keep layers, you can grind up the eggshells and mix it into their feed.
But then we've come to this now where everybody has to be walking on eggshells - kind of very.
A prototype pressure chamber and imaging system that locates microcracks in fresh eggshells has been developed by USDA-ARS scientists.