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the exterior covering of a bird's egg

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Powdered eggshells have been used for bone mineralization and growth.
Eggshells were identified in terms of parataxonomy following Mikhailov (1997).
High generation of eggshell waste may increase the production of solid waste in landfills as eggshells are part of the solid waste.
Disposal of eggshells is also a serious problem for egg processing industries due to stricter environmental regulations and high landfill costs (Rao et al.
Washington, Aug 6 ( ANI ): Paleontologists have found eggshells fragments belonging to huge meat-eating dinosaurs that stalked a vast floodplain some 150 million years ago in what is now Portugal.
Record Results: Compare and analyze your observations Record any differences in the appearance and hardness of the eggshells.
Calcium is a macro element because it is a critical nutrient which ensures the production of eggs with good quality eggshells and, similar to other nutrients, must have adequate levels and be well balanced in rations.
Twenty eggshells are displayed in the list which follows.
ESC is created via a patented mechanical process that uses heat to separate eggshells from the adhering membranes.
Eggshell calcium (ESC) provides these advantages and more; the calcium derived from eggshells is a natural food source, containing a high content of elemental calcium that is readily absorbed through the intestinal tract.
Due to their high calcium content, eggshells usually have no commercial importance.
by Times News ServiceThe easy way to remove cracked eggshells from your egg mixture.
That was a few days ago and we have barely spoken a word to each other since, and I'm treading on eggshells around him.
The team of researchers chemically analyzed eggshells recovered from the Late Cretaceous period, between about 100 million and 66 million years ago, and found two pigments in the makeup, suggesting that the eggshells were originally blue-green.
Now she has a patent-pending method for turning eggshells and tomato peels into viable--and locally sourced--replacements for carbon black, a petroleum-based filler that American companies often purchase from overseas.