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dishware consisting of a small cup for serving a boiled egg


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Competition winners will win a blue four-slice Dualit toaster, four family mugs, a toast rack, teapot, 4x eggcups plus a family-sized delivery of Kingsmill 50/50 and Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal.
If you have eggcups, use them to serve these sardine-filled limes as a first course or light lunch.
Next came rim-shaped dinnerware, then accessories: gravy boats, butter dishes, ladles, eggcups, and more.
But when he was five certain small objects from the kitchen disappeared--teaspoons, eggcups, a potato peeler.
Priced at PS30 from The Contemporary Home THESE delightful painted wooden eggcups are inspired by those which used to adorn many Danish breakfast tables in the 1960s and 70s.
Crafts range from card-making through to decorating porcelain eggcups and Easter baskets.
She turned to see the four little men sitting side by side on the edge of a shelf lined with eggcups which was at a dangerous height from the floor for such little people.
You could try my Grannie Annie's germ warfare method, washing your front step with Dettol this method was fortified with eggcups of 'Fennings Fever Cure' sadly no longer available.
With eggcups holding up the crust - a feast before our eyes.
The eggcups are good fun, also made by Coalport, and should make pounds 20 in a private sale.
In addition to a number of further pieces which have small cracks or repairs, there are the following perfect: six cups, six saucers, six eggcups, six dessert-size plates, four large plates and two serving dishes.
Bruno Alessandrini does not polish Roman eggcups or guide tourists around heaps of Etruscan rubble.
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I didn't want to make small items like eggcups because that would mean I would have to sell tens of thousands a year.