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the exterior covering of a bird's egg

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After clearing these tests, experiments were carried out on egg shells and rat skin.
As a producer of more than 60 million eggs per year, Just Egg was looking for an innovative and ecologically sound way to discard egg shells.
Ahsan, Synthesis of Ca-hydroxyapatite Bioceramic from Egg Shell and its Characterization.
Stubbs, whose side have won three in a row with clean sheets, said: "We were playing catch-up because of injuries early on and treading on egg shells, having to hold back in training.
The greater egg shell weight in heavy size birds has also been suggested to be due to their low egg production resulting in greater calcium deposition in egg shells (Wolanski et al.
So this week the plan is to save our egg shells, dissolve them in lemon water and knock the concoction back, yum delish.
Gardeners employ a range of methods besides chemical pellets to tackle snails, including beer traps, egg shells and standing on them.
Then all you need is a mixture of components such as weeds, flowers, grass clippings - known as fast rotters, and some slow rotters such as egg shells and wood prunings, to create a good compost.
Carefully remove the egg shells and use paper towels to blot dry the eggs.
Cut them into different styles, patterns and shapes and simply stick them on the egg shells and create your own unique designs.
meditabunda emerge, they stay on the top of the egg shells (chorions), as most pentatomid nymphs do, and later move off the eggs, but remain nearby, facing the empty eggs (Sanchez et al.
The park is now all in mess with egg shells and cartons from visitors attempting the stunt themselves, Stuff.
While everyone else is being very cautious and walking on egg shells around Paris Jackson after her suicide attempt, her uncle Jermaine Jackson is getting harsh
Holding the egg shells in his left hand, Joshua asked, "Where's your trash?
The prevalence of disease was recorded 1% in egg shells in Spain (Perales and Audicana, 1989) and 7% in UK (Evans et al.