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a punch made of sweetened milk or cream mixed with eggs and usually alcoholic liquor

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Jo Malone have given us exclusive tips for creating a cosy front room that smells gorgeous, and we have a good old-fashioned egg nog recipe from St David's Hotel and Spa, plus some sneaky handmade gift ideas.
The mere prospect of a happy Christmas party with fellowship and good cheer makes me dour and the thought of egg nog and brightly coloured liqueurs gives me a headache that feels as if the hangover arrived a few days too early.
The company will also release new products this year to add to its Absolut Berri Acai and Kahlua Egg Nog.
Add to creamed mixture alternately with egg nog, beating well after each addition.
Now there's just one more bit of business before you pour that next cup of egg nog and start tapping away to your heart's content.
Six-piece cupcake truffle collections in assorted flavors (tasters found the egg nog dipped in white chocolate most flavorful) are $8.
The result: live reindeer, excruciating celebrity rapping, rancid egg nog, Hannah taking offence when given a book on the menopause as a gift, plastic surgery revelations, a snow machine soaking, starving guests nipping off for a pizza, a pudding and host ending up on the floor, and a Hollywood legend serving canapes.
BOB DYLAN Must Be Santa TA KE N fr om album Christmas In The Heart, this polka features David Hidalgo of Los Lobos on accordion and it sounds like the old badger has had a little too much egg nog.
12 months of egg nog, wassailing and cracker pulling.
Some flavors sounded like they could be palatable: Egg Nog Soda, Sugar Plum Soda, Apple Sauce Soda, Chocolate Coins Soda, and Jelly Donut Soda.
Providing recipe cards and suggestions for adding spirits and cordials for such drinks as hot cider or egg nog is a no-brainer for the savvy retailer, he said.
drinks today, like spiked coffees mulled wine, hot chocolate mixed with spirits, hot cider, egg nog, hot toddies, hot buttered rum and others, are poised to make a return in popularity.
STIRRINGS introduces Sugar Plum and Egg Nog Mixers.
The new duo, Southern Comfort Egg Nog Flavored Ice Cream and Southern Comfort Vanilla Spice Flavored Ice Cream will be available in Wal-Mart, Super Hy-Vee, Pick'n Save, Shop N Save, Food City Stores and supermarkets nationwide.
The Z4, on the other hand, is a testosterone-fuelled pocket rocket with razor-sharp lines and more swagger than Liam Gallagher on egg nog.