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boiled rice mixed with scallions and minced pork or shrimp and quickly scrambled with eggs

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from the "Szechuan style spicy pot" list, together with a side portion of egg fried rice (PS2.
While Gok prepares perfect egg fried rice, spicy king prawns and cashew nuts, we also get to meet his dad, who helps whip up a soyglazed chicken feast.
For the main dish, we were offered Braised Wagyu beef brisket in Chinese five spice sauce, dover sole toban with preserved olive with edamame egg fried rice on the side and stir fried lotus root, asparagus and lily bulb in black pepper sauce.
Even the lone vegetarian, who never fails to be the guest from hell, polished off her vegetables in Thai green curry and egg fried rice with remarkable alacrity.
These were served with a large bowl of egg fried rice (pounds 2.
Serve garnished with lemon slices, and accompanied by lemon sauce, egg fried rice and stir-fried green vegetables.
98 -- Sweet and Sour Vegetables with Egg Fried Rice -- $7.
The main course section features noodles including bihon, canton, mikiguisado and pinoy spaghetti, rice varieties such as pork fried rice, Indonesian fried rice, garlic and egg fried rice alongside adobo, asado, afritada, caldereta, menudo, tinola, tocino, ginatan, nilaga, sinigang, bopis and kare-kare.
SINNER Chicken & Pineapple, with Egg Fried Rice, Tesco, 1 pack (450g), 450 calories.
Familar egg fried rice and pilau sit alongside more exotic options--coconut, chilli 8, lemongrass; split pea, clove 8, cinnamon; chickpea, yoghurt & mint and red pepper & turtle bean.
The boiled rice was fine, but became an even paler shade of white compared with the taste-filled egg fried rice that contained peas as welcome visitors.
Flavorings can be added to create a wide variety of complex dishes, such as Pilaf rice, Spanish rice, and Chinese egg fried rice.
Some of the mouthwatering recipes are: Spicy Simmered Tofu, Egg Fried Rice, Autumn Rice with Mushrooms, Green Beans with Coconut Spice, Golden Rice with Shrimp, Louisiana Pecan and Popcorn Rice, Cuban Black Beans, Spicy Cabbage, Kyoto Grilled Peppers and Grilled Red Snapper Salad with Basil.
Dishes include Halal beef with green peppers and black bean sauce, chicken or beef with ginger and spring onions, chicken and beef curry, egg fried rice, chicken with green peppers and black bean sauce, and spicy chicken wings.
Ordinarily it is served with steamed rice, but I asked for egg fried rice.