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a turner with a narrow flexible blade

a hand tool with a thin flexible blade used to mix or spread soft substances

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Not to mention their one-time colonies, the DAF motor car - western Europe's answer to the Trabant - and advocaat, that egg flip liqueur that resembles a seeping flesh wound's excretions.
And she was so keen to go she has been taking doses of egg flip mixed with sherry and port - a cure for flu which she swears by - since falling ill earlier last week.
The morning involved awareness races such as shoot the balloon using a water pistol, blow the egg flip (blowing table tennis ball) and submarine (swimming halfway, picking up object and placing it on the other side of the pool).
But if he gets the "A" team out of the starting-gate as planned, the rest of the 16-strong field - Dutch masters, German stormtroopers, even us Jocks - could be left with an awful lot of Egg Flip, Schnapps and even Glenfiddich on our faces
Pictured is one of the competitors in the Blow the Egg Flip race