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made by stirring beaten eggs into a simmering broth

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One clerk recalls the time she was sick and Judge Shapiro stopped at her apartment on her way home from work with egg drop soup from a restaurant in Chinatown.
The egg drop soup is one you'll probably want to eat at home, but your family will love it.
I even ran across an egg drop soup recipe from Medieval Europe that was made with pork or beef stock.
NON-VEGETARIAN: may contain pork: hot and sour soup, egg drop soup, wonton soup, sweet and sour wontons
Egg Drop Soup, a traditional Chinese dish, may use egg as its main ingredients, but has a rich meaty flavour thanks in no small part to its use of a pork bone in the preparation of the soup.
Entrees are served with a choice of Hot & Sour Soup, Egg Drop Soup or a Mixed Greens Salad.
Tuesday: Chicken divan, buttered noodles, stewed tomatoes, egg drop soup, coleslaw, gelatin.
Cup of Soup (Choose Two) * Hot and Sour Soup * Egg Drop Soup
Stracciatella, though a trifle heavy on the spinach, is a respectable version of the popular Italian egg drop soup.
On another occasion egg drop soup ($1) was fine, but sweet and sour fish possessed an excess of batter coating on each piece.
Or the always-present minestrone, the pasta ``fazool'' that we eventually found out was really pasta e fagioli soup and the ``little rags'' egg drop soup called stracciatella.
Recommended items: Hot and sour soup, egg drop soup, steamed bun (Shanghai dumplings), honey-glazed walnut shrimp, whole fish, scallops with black bean sauce, Singapore rice noodles (chao chow), combination chow fun.
Recommended items: Milky Way eggplant, minced chicken in lettuce cups, pork pan-fried noodles, Kung Pao Three Musketeers, General Chow's chicken, hot and sour soup, vegetable egg drop soup, steamed chicken dumplings, chicken in black bean sauce.
50), the Italian egg drop soup that is perfectly executed here.