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sweetened mixture of milk and eggs baked or boiled or frozen

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The recently refurbished Throckmorton Arms in Alcester (top) |and (above) the lacklustre faggot dish, the overcooked Scotch egg starter and the crumbling egg custard
Crustless Garden Veg & Feta Quiche--A medley of green vegetables in a free range egg custard on our gluten free shortcrust pastry.
We recommend: Cod with scrambled egg and tomato, lamb with mashed potatoes, egg custard
Currently, there is no store in the sultanate that sells these traditional egg custard tarts, at least genuine made in Portugal ones, but Pedro now serves them at Casa de Cafe in Al Midan Hotel in Ghubra.
Hart said: "The egg custard is one of our best-sellers, so the win is fantastic news.
DESSERT Rhubarb and custard: baked egg custard with iced rhubarb, roasted rhubarb and almond crumb and mint syrup.
He was always checking in on me and I would drop in to him with an egg custard if I had been out.
Cook your fillet of beef to your liking and serve up immediately DUCK EGG CUSTARD TART WITH SPICED CHOCOLATE AND ORANGE ICE CREAM pastry with an egg, and bake again for 2 minutes, to seal the pastry.
Eggs are the ideal ingredient for breakfast, lunch and dinner or even dessert - poached eggs on wholemeal toast, pizza omelette, egg and bacon sandwich or baked egg custard.
I get a lot of letters asking me for a good egg custard recipe.
Duck egg custard tart with rhubarb compote For the sweet pastry 225g soft plain flour 150g butter - cubed and chilled 75g icing sugar A pinch of salt 2 egg yolks Method 1.
I can't wait to dig into the almond wasabi prawns or egg custard tarts, and end my meal with chocolate dim sum.
A delicious egg custard tart, which comes with a nutmeg meringue and a spiced pear and chocolate log, is also on the menu.
The dessert menu offers unforgettable kulfi and egg custard which egg lovers must not miss out on.
The egg custard tart is one of four desserts on the special lunch menu.