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sweetened mixture of milk and eggs baked or boiled or frozen

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Crustless Garden Veg & Feta Quiche--A medley of green vegetables in a free range egg custard on our gluten free shortcrust pastry.
If you don't need to serve six, the egg custard mixture will hold in the refrigerator for up to three days, giving you the flexibility to shake, pour and bake at a later date.
Flan is a typically Spanish or Cuban egg custard, and this coconut-infused modification of a Key West recipe is particularly tasty.
Preparation of egg custard: Various authors have formulated egg custard with different ingredients keeping chicken eggs as a major component.
A puff pastry loaded with egg custard was the concluding cadence to our course.
For the past week, Pedro has been bringing in one of Portugal's most iconic and world famous pastries, Pastel de Nata A[degrees] an egg custard tart that is as synonymous with Portugal as Ronaldo, cork and olive oil.
Churromisu--a Mexican riff on Italian tiramisu, made with churros, mascarpone egg custard, cream, chocolate and coffee powder.
Cook your fillet of beef to your liking and serve up immediately DUCK EGG CUSTARD TART WITH SPICED CHOCOLATE AND ORANGE ICE CREAM pastry with an egg, and bake again for 2 minutes, to seal the pastry.
I get a lot of letters asking me for a good egg custard recipe.
Duck egg custard tart with rhubarb compote For the sweet pastry 225g soft plain flour 150g butter - cubed and chilled 75g icing sugar A pinch of salt 2 egg yolks Method 1.
Intro: Casa Stone by Casafina "Prado" Dinner Plate in Brown; Scrambled Egg Tortilla with Pico De Gallo: SERVING DISH: Small Rectangle Baker in Blue and BLUE PLATE: Casa Stone by Casafina Dinner Plate in Sky Blue; Eggs a la Goldenrod: PLATE: Vietri "Bellezza" Dinner Plate in Sky Blue and PORCELAIN EGG CUPS; Lunch Counter Egg and Olive Sandwich: PLATE: Vietri in Sky Blue; BOWL: Casa Fine sky blue soup/cereal bowl; Eggs Benedict Salad: BOWL: Veitra large handled bowl in Celadon; YELLOW PLATE: Casa Stone by Casafina "South Beach" Dinner Plate in Yellow; Egg Custard on a Cloud: Casa Stone by Casafina "Prado" Dinner Plate in Brown; all items from Everyday Gourmet in Jackson and Ridgeland, 601.
I can't wait to dig into the almond wasabi prawns or egg custard tarts, and end my meal with chocolate dim sum.
The dessert menu offers unforgettable kulfi and egg custard which egg lovers must not miss out on.
Not only did it look appetising, its pastry was also perfectly smooth and not too dry, the egg custard tasted just right and was crammed with bacon.
Ranging from Deep-Fried Spring Rolls; Napa Cabbage, Bean Threads, and Meatball Soup; Baked Egg Custard with Ground Pork; and Braised Beef with Fermented Bean Paste; to Meat Stuffed Cabbage; Sweet and Sour Spareribs; Coconut Curry Shrimp; and Noodles with Peanut Butter Sauce, The step-by-step, 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes comprising "The Bear And Fish Family Cookbook" are beautifully illustrated, and as nutritious as they are delicious