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the branch of zoology that studies eggs (especially birds' eggs and their size, shape, coloration, and number)

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This year we had 65 pairs, which was down again, and now we have had an egg collector wander through for personal reasons and we are going to have nothing again.
Witless wonder: Viewers loved Tony as Baldrick in the First World War Blackadder' Digging up the past: Tony in Time Team' Worst jobs in history: Tony as artist's model, testing ducking stool and cliffside egg collector
RSPB spokesman Graham Madge said: "He was a renowned egg collector and was more than a little bit of a nuisance to us.
A spokesman for the RSPB said: "It must be a great shock to his friends and family but he was a notorious egg collector.
The revelation comes after a Coventry man became the most convicted illegal egg collector in the country after pleading guilty to possessing 75 birds eggs, taken from across the UK.
Last May, a persistent egg collector from Northumberland was fined pounds 1,000 with pounds 500 costs for possessing a collection of illegally taken birds eggs.
Mrs Roberts used to work as an egg collector on a farm for Grampian Foods but is now disabled, while her 70-year-old husband is a retired long distance lorry driver.
This year a notorious egg collector from Coventry who was convicted for the ninth time was jailed for six months.
The convicted wild bird egg collector beat a bid to make him the first person in the UK to be served with an Asbo for wildlife offences.
THE egg collector from Liverpool who got six months for stealing 453 wild birds' eggs was lucky to get off so lightly.
Rumours, however, persist at the Red Lion of a 'Battle of Flodden Mk II' following several weeks in which the strutting Scot scared off Wee Emily the Egg Collector then clawed the backside out of a retreating Young Neil's overalls.
A BIRDS' egg collector from Coventry has been jailed for six months after being convicted for a record ninth time.
His friend, former egg collector John Robert Latham, 26, of Burtonwood, Warrington, accompanied him to Brenig.
He was instrumental in successfully prosecuting countless cases across the region including an egg collector, to whom Paul is asking the courts to consider giving an Asbo.