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the branch of zoology that studies eggs (especially birds' eggs and their size, shape, coloration, and number)

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They also found 31 books about birds, including some rare titles written by convicted egg collectors.
He said: "Within a 10 mile radius there are seven or eight fairly serious egg collectors.
Let's hope his sentence acts as a deterrent to other egg collectors who prey on Scotland's wonderful natural heritage.
A BIRDS' egg collector from Coventry has been jailed for six months after being convicted for a record ninth time.
His friend, former egg collector John Robert Latham, 26, of Burtonwood, Warrington, accompanied him to Brenig.
He was instrumental in successfully prosecuting countless cases across the region including an egg collector, to whom Paul is asking the courts to consider giving an Asbo.
RSPB spokesman Graham Madge said: "He was a renowned egg collector and was more than a little bit of a nuisance to us.
AN egg collector who risked wiping out entire bird species was jailed for six months yesterday.
Convicted wild bird egg collector Wayne Derbyshire could become the first person served with an Asbo for wildlife offences, when he returns to court in October.
But this highlights the fact that fines alone are no longer a sufficient deterrent to the obsessive egg collector.
ARARE birds' egg collector described as "part of an international smuggling ring" by investigators, escaped jail yesterday.
A NOTORIOUS birds' egg collector from Coventry could be given the first Antisocial Behaviour Order in the country for illegal possession of eggs.
RSPB senior investigations officer Guy Shorrock said: "Wheal has clearly been a persistent egg collector for some time.
Robinson tried his hand as a Victorian tanner, a mudlark, Guillemot egg collector, and worst of all a fuller - someone employed to wash cloth by pounding it barefoot in a bucket of stale urine.