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A TRIO of rugby players from Stockton are having the time of their lives in egg chasing utopia New Zealand.
AFTER suffering all the hype concerning the egg chasing non-event Down Under, the spoiled brats creating more excitement in the tunnel than on the pitch and boring, boring Schumacher, it was a relief to sit in front of the telly on Tuesday night and watch some real sport.
We have more to offer than a geriatric crooner and egg chasing, so why not exploit it?
Those of an egg chasing disposition have known a trip to Murrayfield to watch a rugby international is a cracking family day out.
Auntie's explanation that they have contractual obligations to egg chasing - and that the coverage, being 'off tape', could not be edited - doesn't wash.
It's a stupid egg chasing game played by posh people.
Sure, rug by union has its following, but when all's said and done egg chasing is a sport only taken seriously in fewer than 20 or so countries worldwide.