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the female reproductive cell

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Thanks to the software's sophisticated visual design, each individual egg cell obtained can be displayed graphically with regard to the development stage, type of treatment and planned action, as can the entire treatment cycle.
The researchers employed nuclear transfer, which involves swapping genetic material from one individual into an egg cell belonging to another.
Researchers at Texas A&M University have delivered the first clone of a horse using a live mare's egg cells.
Professor Murat Oz, who leads the UAE University's department of pharmacolo and therapeutics, said the team chose frogs' eggs because egg cells are among the largest cells in the animal world.
Scientists hope to fertilise the first human egg cells grown in a lab from stem cells later this year, it emerged yesterday.
IN VITRO fertilisation (IVF) is a process by which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the body - "in vitro".
Female egg cells, on the other hand, stop replicating during foetal development in the womb after about 30 generations.
In their study of germ cells - the reproductive cells that make up sperm and eggs - the researchers found a link between developing egg cells and tumours.
After 40 weeks on a DHA-deficient diet, egg cells and tadpoles had reduced DHA levels and at 60 weeks, brain DHA was lowered by 57%.
Now, thanks to the work of researchers from Brigham Young University, there's a way to avoid cell death when introducing DNA into egg cells.
Clones of organisms can be produced by a donor individual and transplanting them into the egg cells of another individual.
The study has provided a new way for genome sequencing of individual egg cells to detects chromosomal abnormalities and DNA sequence variations associated with genetic disorders, thereby increasing the chances of producing a healthy child.
In the new study, reported in the journal Cell, scientists transferred nuclei from human skin cells into human egg cells.
That possibility came a bit closer to reality when Japanese scientists announced that they had grown viable mouse egg cells (some shown below), or oocytes, in the lab from embryonic stem cells and from reprogrammed stem cells (SN: 11/3/12, p.