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the white part of an egg

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plantarum in egg albumen with a variety of fermentation times is limited.
The composition of yolk in the hen's egg consists of approximately 33% lipid and 17% protein while the egg albumen is a source of water, proteins and minerals to embryo during development (Johnson, 2000; Kassis et al.
The sub-culture was inoculated into egg albumen with an added 20% tomato extract and further incubated for 24 h to obtain a working culture (Nahariah et al.
Egg albumen was separated from the yolks and stirred for 3 minutes without forming foam, ultraviolet sterilized by placing it on a portable clean room (PCR) hood (UV Sterilisation Cabinet) (GLE-UVSC-in version 09-05,22 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, UK) for 15 minutes.
A total of 1 mL of egg albumen sample diluted in 9 mL of sterile 0.
The egg albumen samples were measured without dilution (AOAC, 1984) by placing electrode in the sample.
Analysis to evaluate the results of ACE-inhibitor activity in fermented egg albumen included: a solution of borate buffer (100 mM, pH 8.
000) the total microbial content of fermented egg albumen (Figure 1).
Protein dissolved in the egg albumen showed a very significant increase (p = 0.
There is real difference in the percentage of total acids in fermented egg albumen during 6 h (0.
The pH values of fermented egg albumen decreased markedly with fermentation times from 6 h (7.
Angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitor activity in fermented egg albumen
In addition, egg albumen was known to contain inhibitors against various enzymes such as ovomucoid, ovoinhibitor, and etc.