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En relacion con esta parte del recorrido, Egeria tan solo dice que paso el Rodano.
And becaus nowthir Jie wencratioun of Religioun nor 3it be dredour of goddis myct synk nor be Imprentit ony ways in be hartis of his pepill but sum New Inuentioun of vncouth miracle or sic thingis (quhilkis war abone [le commoun and naturall operatioune of man) he fenjeit at he had familiare cumpany on be nycht with be goddess egeria, & by hir avyse he wald Institute certane divyne sacrifice quhilkw suld be maist acceptable to be goddis, and wald found and limete diuers preistis to beire sperciall charge and curis of bir sacrifices'.
igualmente Leyes de Toro 1512, Reproduccion facsimilar de los manuscritos que se conservan en el Archivo General de Indias, Egeria, Burgos, 1991; Muro, Antonio Muro (edic.
1): (1) slopes and summit of Cox Island (5 May 1971, and reports of a 2 August visit by KR Summers and RW Nelson); (2) west end and above the south-facing shoreline of Lucy Island (11 April 1971), although Cassin's Auklet had not been recorded nesting there (Drent and Guiguet 1961); (3) thorough searches, conducted over several weeks, of the slopes around Iphigenia Point (Ancient Murrelet colony A; see Sealy 1976) and slopes north of the former village of Dadens, and along the eastern shore north of Holland Point to the south end of Egeria Bay (colony B) in 1970 and 1971; and (4) searches of these slopes extended to McPherson Point (colony C) in 1971.
30 April 2015 - US-based supply chain solutions company Flextronics (NASDAQ: FLEX) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Dutch automotive supplier Mirror Controls International from private equity firm Egeria in an all cash transaction valuing its share capital at EUR 457m (USD 494m), the company said.
In the fourth century, a nun named Egeria traveled through the Holy Land and kept a diary of her experiences.
When she lies down on the right, my body to her left, she is Ilia and Egeria.
March 2 (SeeNews) - Belgian private equity firmA GimvA (EBR:GIMB) said Friday it will buy United Dutch Breweries (UDB), the owner of theA Oranjeboom beer brand, from Dutch investment firm Egeria.
Contract award: service, technical assistance and modification of hr and payroll application egeria.
La viajera Egeria que visito esas tierras en la decada del 380 narra el contenido de la celebracion con la adoracion de la cruz y explica que la seleccion de ese dia tenia que ver con el del propio hallazgo de la cruz, ademas, una fecha que tambien correspondia con la de la dedicacion del templo cristiano.
12) In her late fourth century account, the nun Egeria describes in detail the liturgical services held within the sacred places of Jerusalem, identifying scriptural parallels where possible, such as the coincidence of the dates of dedication of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Solomon's Temple.
2007) proponen que la interaccion entre el luchecillo Egeria densa y los sedimentos en la columna de agua es importante para entender el ecosistema y sus cambios; Lagos et al.
Environmental risk assessment of compost prepared from salvinia, Egeria densa, and alligator weed, Journal of Environmental Quality 38(4): 1483-1492.