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It is more difficult to pinpoint the role of other hypothalamic regions linking limbic efferents to the PVN, such as the dorsomedial nucleus (Herman et al.
Although speculative, the behavioral deficits noted in the novel-start and goal rotation tests may be caused by damaged efferents to any of these regions, with results ranging from an inability to process sensory information to problems using visual information to accurately navigate through space.
Philips RJ et al, Long-teem regeneration of abdominal vagus: Efferents fail while afferents succeed.
However, these findings might also be explained by the fact that stimulation of the efferents from the right ear suppressed or inhibited the auditory and vestibular hair cell function in the apparently unaffected left inner ear.
We must keep in mind that commensal cellucide inhibits afferents and activates efferents to generate huge amounts of cytokine inflammation, causing the immune system to go haywire and attack the body's neurons and cells in the inner ear.
Long-term regeneration of abdominal vagus: Efferents fail while afferents succeed.
Cortical lesions involving the medial superior temporal (MST) area or its efferents (the internal capsule is a frequent site for stroke), lead to reduced slow phase gain (and smooth pursuit gain) towards the side of the lesion.