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Given his return to normal hearing, the most plausible explanation for this phenomenon is either perilymphatic fluid shifts or the poorly understood acoustic efferent systems acting on the contralateral cochlea.
Since the lesioning procedure did not ensure a precise and complete removal of the efferent system, a genetically altered mouse ([euro]9 Ach receptor subunit knockout) was developed in which the peripheral cochlear Ach receptor sites were deleted.
Thoracic pleura: dark brown to nearly black; external efferent system fuscous.
2E); scent gland efferent system with peritreme rounded, shiny and glabrous (Fig.
Influence of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions (SOAE) on acoustic distortion product input/output functions: Does the medial efferent system act differently in the vicinity of an SOAE?
Pronotum trapeziform; scutellum flat; scent efferent system with arched evaporative area.
Pronotum shining, usually weakly spotted, very shallowly punctuated; pleura widely shiny chestnut brown, with somewhat yellowish scent efferent system.
3A, B); metepisternum with scent gland efferent system large, in contact with ventral area of mesothoracic spiracle, dorsal margin of mushroomlike cuticle of evaporatory area gently curved, not greatly inclined, evaporatory area on anterior half greatly protruded, curved upward, anterior margin of opening of channel strongly sinuate, peritreme relatively small, ovoid, slightly notched medially, situated on top of recurved portion of evaporatory area and not raised above it (Figs.
The internal globus pallidus is generally considered to be one of the major efferent systems for the basal ganglia.