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This information is sent down the spinal cord and then to efferent nerves that end on muscle cells.
Massive vascular effects on efferent nerves can be expected when it is taken into account that the abnormal sensorial and vegetative input coming from the incisive papilla trauma can excite potent vasodilator-mediated afferent nerves (Ertsey et al.
The bio-effects listed by the developer, Mission Research Corporation, include: shrapnel-less flash-bang, cutaneous peripheral afferent nerves (pain, susceptibility to chemical agents, lesions), cutaneous peripheral efferent nerves (temporary paralysis, choking, fibrillation), central nervous system (disorientation).
This resulted in the partial dissociation of the loosely packed electrocyte columns into smaller pieces in which individual electrocytes were attached to the fine branches of common efferent nerves.