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Sobotka said that studies in kidney transplant recipients indicate that while there is some regrowth of efferent fibers with partial neurologic activity, the outbound afferent fibers have little or no ability to reconnect.
Intrathecal local anesthetics, spinal or epidural administered, are techniques in regional anesthesia that depend on the instillation of nerve-blocking agents with or without analgesics into the epidural space and interrupt afferent and efferent nerve impulses from and to that region's nerve supply Two main bladder considerations are the inhibition of the afferent and efferent fibers as they enter and exit the spinal cord that are a part of the micturition reflex arc and the inhibition of the upward relaying of these signals to higher centers (PMC) within the spinal cord (Darrah et al.
The vagus is a mixed nerve, containing both efferent fibers (carrying nerve impulse to motor areas) and afferent fibers (carrying nerve impulse back to the sensory areas--hence the term "affect").
14) With enough input the alpha-motoneurons will produce an action potential that travels along the motor efferent fibers until it reaches the neuromuscular junction.
The nerve plexus at that stage receives neurites from a few extrinsic neurons, intrinsic neurons located on the nerve plexus, and efferent fibers from the CNS.