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rate used to calculate tax liability

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The effective tax rate, based on worldwide income, is then applied only to the California taxable income of the nonresident to determine the tax amount owed to California.
The effective tax rate on the income of the French CFC is 34%.
In their annual filings, corporations figure out their effective tax rate internally, and they often include what they pay to states and localities (net of deduction).
Hsewhere, tax incentives are so generous, as in the case of Atlantic forestry and manufacturing, that the marginal effective tax rate on capital is "negative," implying that businesses will over-invest in capital so long as they can write off unused deductions from profits earned on other investments.
Easily produce the tax schedules needed to support tax returns -- Since this same information is generated for calculating the effective tax rate and deferred taxes, the tax solution should enhance the workflow by providing this information for purposes of supporting tax return filings.
Increasing the tax deductible portion of M&E expenses also will reduce a company's effective tax rate and increase its net income.
The judge adopts a 9 percent cap rate for each year, and after adding it to the applicable effective tax rate.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY) today announced a reduction in its effective tax rate for 1998.
One interesting question, then, is how significant this tax is in relation to the overall effective tax rate on banks.
This indispensable reference work provides detailed comparative information on marginal effective tax rates by country by type of capital asset for 1980, 1985 and 1990, an index, a good working bibliography in the form of the separate chapter references, an introductory chapter by Jorgenson explaining the issues and findings, and a methodological appendix to that chapter by Jorgenson explaining the Jorgenson cost of capital [2] and marginal effective tax rate [1; 3] concepts (the latter refining Harberger's notion of the effective tax rate) and the King-Fullerton framework [4] for calculating the cost of various types of capital.
headquartered companies had an average financial statement effective tax rate of 27.
students should understand the components and calculation of the company's effective tax rate reconciliation in the tax footnote).
The financial markets recognize that the savings generated by a lower effective tax rate generally translate into larger cash resources, lower-cost financing of operations and increased dividends.
Similarly, on matters of taxation, the corporate goal is to pay no more than the least possible tax using legal tax positions to minimize a corporation's effective tax rate.
197) remains the same, goodwill is still amortized for 15 years for tax purposes, which decreases the effective tax rate for asset acquisitions.
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