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rate used to calculate tax liability

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Unfortunately, most MRSK branches have underperformed the regulatory benchmarks for controllable operating costs, and in some cases, by extremely wide margins, which led to lower effective rates of return on RAB.
He said: "Many of the European countries, including France, have a much lower effective rate than that.
Bulgaria is among the top ten countries in the world with the lowest effective rates and is preceded only by Hong Kong, tax havens like the Bahamas Islands and petro-states like Saudi Arabia, showed earlier this month an analysis by KPMG consultancy.
In addition to growing to more than 10,000 US community members, a number of Zopa borrowers have actually achieved a negative effective rate on their loan.
The general theme is to use deductions against income taxed at the highest effective rates.
Landlord effective rates, which deduct operating expenses and real estate taxes, fell by an even larger percentage.
50 per month over the Company's currently effective rates.
Effective rates, which factor in tenant concessions such as free rent and work allowances, have increased at an even greater rate.
By combining the Title I loan with a loan from the State, qualified homeowners can borrow money at the effective rates of 0%, 5% or 8%.
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