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an electric current that reverses direction sinusoidally

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Having effective power and the obligations that can follow unidirectionally from it can also be an important basis for impartial reasoning, going well beyond the motivation of mutual benefit" (2009, 207).
However, Pakistan needs effective power management systems to confront with the challenge of growing demand of the electricity.
DSP performance, combined with a powerful integrated peripheral set and high performance on-chip Flash or ROM memory, make the XC164CS-8F40F the solution of choice for demanding industrial and automotive applications like synchronous DC motor control, future head lamp concepts or effective power steering solutions.
Plaid Cymru has pulled out of a pact with the Conservatives, which has given them effective power on the ``hung'' council since the elections in 1999.
These machines are said to offer a host of technology features, including high pressure super first in, first out (FIFO) performance, an inverter on the hydraulics for energy savings and fast machine responses, super oil filtration, high temperature water regulation for FIFO and cold runners, independent sliding platen and shuttle control, low floor space, high tonnage full stroke hydraulic ram, effective power stock feeder with fixed entry point, two-zone heating platens compatible with existing presses, the Microplus 4 control system and exceptional value, according to the literature.
We have applied a procedure to a helical pulper using a bleached kraft pulp in the medium-consistency (mc) range in order to characterize its performance in terms of the effective power consumed.
The addition of a simple, effective power series provided extra red-zone options without having to pull our guards.
When I was what seemed to be the lowliest of the low--clerk of the Judiciary Committee of the West Virginian legislature--I had more effective power then I had when I was an elected member of the legislature.
As some of the key policies underlying the EFF programme the government is expected to keep on maintaining the power industry priority ranking in terms of gas supply after homes and go on diverting the excess gas supply to the most effective power plants.
He stressed to focus on effective power management to minimise the wastage of electricity and increase the level of benefit to common man.
ISLAMABAD, August 09, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Pakistan not only needs to enhance its power generation capacity but also to adapt effective power conservation technology to achieve sustainable development.
AOS provides innovative and cost effective power solutions for communications, computers and consumer applications.
It is "that this political system worked remarkably well in practice - certainly by contemporary standards - and that it did so not despite its extreme decentralization of effective power but because of it" (3).
As a result, Reedy writes, effective power ended up in the hands of a few low-ranking senators on the committee.
The new Smart-UPS On-Line provides effective power quality and performance in a small footprint.
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