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a quad with a square body

a linear unit (1/6 inch) used in printing

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In some instances this can result in the dealer selling fuel below cost effective margin, which is unsustainable and on the long run will result in outlets being closed down to the detriment of the customer who may have to drive a long way to find the next open service station," he said.
Across Europe the priority for coatings producers and their chemical suppliers is effective margin management so that the problems of decreasing sales and the necessity to make up for earlier rises in raw material costs do not cause drastic falls in profitability.
Dan will play an important role in developing a more effective margin management process.
There were only nine changes in the dollar amount of the margin requirement over that period, but if margin is expressed as a percentage of the contract value, then the effective margin requirement changes daily.
We see tremendous value in Eco's integrated platform which provides systematic risk management, optimization of available storage, and transparent ethanol marketing, all coordinated towards effective margin management.
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