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Synonyms for efficiency

Synonyms for efficiency

the quality of being efficient


the power or capacity to produce a desired result

Antonyms for efficiency

the ratio of the output to the input of any system

skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort

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Overall the 2000/2001-2002/2003 three-year financial period for leading companies operating as bakeries has been a varied one, with overall improvements seen in liquidity and employee performance ratios, mixed results for profitability and growth ratios and slight deteriorations for most of the effeciency and all of the gearing ratios.
5M NaOH treatment shows a maximum effeciency towards corrosion resistance.
1976), The effects of training specific mnemonics on the metamnemonic effeciency of retarded children.
A New Paradigm For Mobile Computing, ControlForce Ltd News: Mobile Effeciency Drive--Reseller Race For Survival-Anymobile Transcoding Software-Bluetooth Market Shake-Out--Bluetooth Adaptor for Palm-Domain Dynamics acquires ET Voice-GlobalPulse Licence Allows Businesses to Standardise On Single Solution--Siemens and SpectraLink Agreement-DSL Broadband Could Increase Revenue Up To 50%-Software AG Partners MobileFuture IBM Book "Going Wireless"
The implementation of these solutions running on reliable Sun systems will help DPS streamline operations, reduce costs and improve employee effeciency, allowing them to devote more time to helping students learn and grow.
A certain amount of inverted snobbery has been directed against the newer brewery chains whose attention to standardised effeciency and appearance is as welcome as your average anthrax spore in more traditional circles.
e]) to calculate the indicators of volatility, liquidity and effeciency.
Technical specifications for color rendering index and color temperature were given, as determining factors in effeciency.
The addition of the new agency is necessary to maximize effeciency and minimize confusion.
Generally, referred to as productivity tool software, PIMs can improve work effeciency.