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a republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea

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After the acquisition of the shares sold to TeliaSonera in the cash offer, TeliaSonera will directly or through Baltic Tele AB own a total of 134,614,949 shares of Eesti Telekom, constituting approximately 97.
aastal kaasa Eesti valispoliitilise orientatsiooni Saksamaale ning Lati ja Leedu valispoliitilise orientatsiooni muutuse 1938.
Eesti Energia aims to manage its distribution network's switching situation and network failures with the Tekla Xpower Distribution Management System (DMS) in its dispatch centers, and thus prepare for the new compensation for overlong interruptions practice to be adopted in Estonia in 2005.
Especially in the case of Moora writing in Eesti ajalugu I it can be supposed also that he has assumed at least some kind of continuity of statehood (Tallgren 1931 passim; Moora et al.
Als weitere Beispiele seien hier genannt: "Uber die Zusammenstellung eines Bedeutungsworterbuches der estnischen Literatursprache" (C[PHI]Y VI 1970), "Pilguga kirjakeele kartoteegis" (KK 1970, 1971, aus sieben Artikeln bestehende Fortsetzungsreihe) "Koostamisel on eesti kirjakeele seletussonaraamat" (Kodumurre 10-11, Tallinn 1972), "Illustratiivne ainestik kirjakeele seletussonaraamatus" (ESA 19-20 1975), "Eesti keele seletussonaraamat ja grammatikaprobleemid" (ESA 22 1977), "Verbi kujutama semantikast" (Kirjakeel 1983, Tallinn 1983), "Eesti kirjakeele seletussonaraamat tegija pilgu labi" (KK 1990), "Eesti kirjakeele seletussonaraamatu korvalt" (KK 1993, 1996, 1997, insgesamt drei Artikel).
The related risks are also Eesti Pank's risks, since both revenue and expenditure are allocated according to participation in the ECB.
Too teise ja Eesti vastava uurimisvaldkonna seisukohalt iiliolulise osa moodustab aga Laane-Eesti linnaliste keskuste nn keraamiliste profiilide tutvustus.
Now if a customer wants a special feature, we have the platform to build it," said Margus Toots, SS7 network operation manager, of Eesti Telefon.
Eesti and Balti power electrical appliances, electrical relay protection and automation equipment and measuring instruments for electrical maintenance and repairs carrying out a period 1.
Nii pidi Eesti oma riigi ulesehitamise asemel mobiliseerima koik olemasolevad ressursid voitluseks riikliku soltumatuse eest.
Major organization : EESTI ENERGIA AKTSIASELTS (10421629)
Mannik's application was successful, (26) and he went on to have a meaningful career which culminated in 2008 when he began his service as Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Eesti Pank (Bank of Estonia), or in other words--he became the treasurer of his whole nation.
Central bank, Eesti Pank came out with its fresh economic forecast that said, 'The slowdown in growth in 2013 and the decline in gross domestic product (GDP) at the start of 2014 have not so far noticeably worsened household finances or the state budget.
Jewish organizations have denounced Eesti Ekspress for publishing the image, which ran in the paper's humor section.
Eesti Energia launched at the end of July in Auvere, near Narva, tests of its first Enefit280 oil shale plant, and, if all goes according to plan, the first oil from the new plant will be delivered in September, reports Aripaev Online.