Edwin Arlington Robinson

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United States poet


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5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Worldwide rights to the incredible story of shipwreck survivor Harrison Okene have been secured by Mark Edwin Robinson and Dave Robinson of Castlight Pictures.
My great-grandfather, Edwin Robinson, married Catherine or Kate Hacker in the mid 1800s.
33 Blind man Edwin Robinson was sheltering under a tree during a thunderstorm in the US state of Maine on June 4, 1980, when he was knocked to the ground by lightning.
Much earlier, before the crowds assembled and on a morning which had started with blinding rainstorms, the first wreath had been laid in tribute by the brother and sister of Private Edwin Robinson of the 2nd South Lancs.
Edwin Robinson, spokesman for the Lennox Lewis camp, said: "He's got nothing else to prove.
Groomsmen included Brian Higdon Gray, brother of the groom; Lyles Henry Holifield and Wilson Thaddeus Holifield, brothers of the bride; Jefferson Allan King, Ross Conner King, and William Higdon King, cousins of the groom; Steven Drake Maloan of New Orleans, Louisiana; Thomas Edwin Robinson of Brandon; Jesse Glennan Grady and Michael Garret Shumaker of Starkville; and Joe Green Ulmer III of Memphis, Tennessee.