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American theologian whose sermons and writings stimulated a period of renewed interest in religion in America (1703-1758)

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Is it not,' said Miss Monflathers, putting down her parasol to take a severer view of the offender, 'a most remarkable thing, Miss Edwards, that you have an attachment to the lower classes which always draws you to their sides; or, rather, is it not a most extraordinary thing that all I say and do will not wean you from propensities which your original station in life have unhappily rendered habitual to you, you extremely vulgar-minded girl?
If you have no reason to feel a becoming pride before wax-work children, there are young ladies here who have, and you must either defer to those young ladies or leave the establishment, Miss Edwards.
Here was Miss Edwards, who only paid a small premium which had been spent long ago, every day outshining and excelling the baronet's daughter, who learned all the extras (or was taught them all) and whose half-yearly bill came to double that of any other young lady's in the school, making no account of the honour and reputation of her pupilage.
You will not take the air to-day, Miss Edwards,' said Miss Monflathers.
Chairman," said one of the older brethren, "that I have heard of Birdy Edwards, and that he has the name of being the best man in the Pinkerton service.
I said just now that I knew Birdy Edwards," McMurdo explained.
As soon as she had complyed with my wishes in this particular and had given me an accurate detail of every thing that had befallen her since our separation (the particulars of which if you are not already acquainted with, your Mother will give you) I applied to Augusta for the same information respecting herself, Sir Edward and Lady Dorothea.
I perfectly agreed with her in her sentiments on the affair, and secretly blamed Sir Edward for thus sacrificing his Daughter's Pleasure for the sake of a ridiculous old woman whose folly in marrying so young a man ought to be punished.
The panel on Thursday ordered Edwards reinstated, with full back pay and benefits since his firing in September 2005.
Aliases Edwards used: Kirk Edward Bell, Paul Robert Smith, Mark Edward Robert, Mark R.
We can do it all for them," said Phillip Perri, director of Corporate Retail Services at Sutton & Edwards Inc.
Then, early last year, Edwards was diagnosed with the crippling disease ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), and as the word spread--and as he and Watson shared a moment at the U.
Though a bold claim, Edwards warrants comparison to Izaak Walton, whose celebrated Life of Donne continues to shape readers' images of Donne's life, mind, and art (pace Carey).
When Knowledge Workers began their work at Edwards AFB, they found a human resources staff that was overwhelmed with paper and unable to give applicants as efficient and responsive support as they would have liked.
Edwards and Camstar have a long-standing technology and business partnership that recently resulted in their 25th common customer deployment at AXSUN Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of photonic subsystems for optical equipment suppliers.