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someone belonging to (or as if belonging to) the era of Edward VII

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Thus Forster endorses a waning Edwardianism even as he answers the demands of realism and comic justice.
Rickie's hounding thus suggests that Forster, anxious that Edwardianism is as hollow as the modernist claims, tries to expunge this fear by scapegoating the feminine in himself.
Once Forster's masochism seems to run deeper than his Edwardianism, Journey no longer smacks of "the rightness of a life lived close to the rhythms of nature" (Colmer 84).
32) it is England which is insular within the post-colonial gaze--a kind of Edwardianism that conflates New Zealand 'home' with the more distant 'home' of England: 'Dark night, dark traffic, probably some stars.
For all the shrewd local observation, the case for a distinctive Edwardianism remains not proven.