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King of England from 1307 to 1327 and son of Edward I


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24 plays are examined in the text, including Legge's Richard Tertius, Shakespeare's King Henry the Sixth, Parts One, Two, and Three, Peele's Edward the First, Marlowe's Edward the Second, Drue's The Life of the Duchess of Suffolke and others.
Yet to stress the quotation's unreliability--it was given in testimony by a government informer--is to miss the more important queer textual evidence in Marlowe's remarkable Edward the Second (ca.
26] We know, too, that the parallel had some currency in England: the late Elizabethan manuscript version of Francis Hubert's Historie of Edward the Second (BL Harleian MS 2393a) explicitly compares Edward's reign to that of Henri III.
Whatever the facts of the case, Edward II was effectively "outed" by subsequent writers, notably Marlowe--yet Edward the Second is Exhibit A in our outing of Marlowe himself
The best contemporary witness to the love of Edward II and Gaveston was the anonymous author of the Latin-language Life of Edward the Second, which was left unfinished in around 1325, unfortunately breaking off before reaching Edward's deposition.