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son of Ethelred the Unready

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The village dates back to the days it housed a hunting lodge for Anglo-Saxon king Edward the Confessor and has links to the Earls of Sefton, whose Croxteth Hall seat is close by.
1065: Westminster Abbey was consecrated under Edward the Confessor.
When Edward the Confessor was made a Saint, and his remains moved in 1163, the Abbey became a place of pilgrimage.
After saying their vows in front of not only the 1900 guests inside Westminster Abbey but the millions following proceedings on TV and the internet, the newlyweds will sign the marriage register in the Chapel of St Edward the Confessor.
1200-1259) and dedicated to Queen Eleanor, The History of Saint Edward the King is a portrayal of the reign of King Edward the Confessor that reveals at least as much (if not more) about the era, values, and dynastic concerns of King Henry III's reign as it does of its titular time period.
Had it not been for the reluctance (or perhaps, inability) of the extra-pious Edward the Confessor to consummate his marriage, the strong and efficient Alfredian dynasty might have continued and the Norman Conquest could have been avoided.
Thus are included lives of St Edward the Confessor, Winifred, Erkenwald, Edmund of Abingdon, Bride, Edmund king and martyr, Frideswide, Edward king and martyr, Alphege, Augustine of Canterbury, Oswald, Dunstan, Aldhelm, Theophile, Swithun, Kenelm, Chad, Cuthbert, Faith, Dorothy, Leger, Brendan, Michael, Thomas of Canterbury, Jerome, and an extended treatment of the life and martyrdom of St Barbara.
He then has chapters on reforming leaders such as Aelfric and Wulfstan, the church from Cnut to Edward the Confessor, the effects of the Conquest, the Church as seen through the information in Domesday Book, the Church under the heirs of William I, the reign of Stephen and, finally, an intriguing chapter on 'doctrine, relief and ritual'.
Edward the Confessor Parish church hall, 10 Church St.
Hundreds of people, including Birmingham's Lord Mayor, students from Matthew Boulton College and city faith leaders, attended the service to dedicate a plaque to memorialise Matthew Boulton's achievements, near the shrine of St Edward the Confessor in the historic cathedral.
The Pope presented a lapis lazuli orb to the royal couple, decorated with a silver cross of Edward the Confessor.
7 In history, was Edward the Confessor king of England before or after the Norman Conquest?
In our own country there is St Edward the Confessor, King of England, born in 1004 and died in 1066, who was noted for his religious devotion, his generosity to the poor and infirm.