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English colonial administrator who traveled to America on the Mayflower and served as the first governor of the Plymouth Colony (1595-1655)


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Predator identity and the concept of zero tolerance developed under Josiah Winslow, the son of Edward Winslow.
In terms of seniority Edward Winslow ranked third among the brethren and his role in the early decision-making - where to settle, what code of laws to adopt - was paramount.
The grove is named for Worcester's first Parks Commissioner, Edward Winslow Lincoln to honor his role in cultivating the culture of Worcester's parks.
Within the next 10 years we will learn how to use what we learned about the human genome eight years ago," says Edward Winslow, M.
Edward Winslow was born near Droitwich in October 1595, the son of Edward and Magdalen Winslow, and baptised at St Peter's church two days later.
Afterwards, Norma Jane Langford continued our day long tour by driving us the short distance to Plymouth to see the outside of the home of Frances's Pilgrim ancestor, Edward Winslow.
American decorative arts have been an important component of the Worcester Art Museum's collection starting with the 1905 bequest of the Museum's founder, Stephen Salisbury III, which added rare and important examples of colonial silver by distinguished artists such as Edward Winslow (1669-1753), John Edwards (1671-1746), and William Swan (1715-1774).
When Edward Winslow Lincoln died in 1896, after serving for 30 unpaid years as city superintendent of parks, he thought he had left Elm Park in good shape.
The busy pace established during the first two days of our tour was maintained Tuesday morning as we walked the city's Loyalist Trail, visiting the beautifully restored Loyalist Burying Ground, the historic Loyalist House and Trinity Church for a glimpse of the royal coat-of-arms rescued from the Statehouse in Boston by Edward Winslow in 1776.
It is here that Richard Pickering is Director of Education and regularly portrays Governor Bradford, Pilgrim Edward Winslow, and Winslow's manservant George Soule.
Thanks to Edward Winslow Lincoln, who eventually served as the main architect for the park, the area known today as Elm Park took shape decades after the land was purchased.
In the 1627 Pilgrim Village, staff portray known colonists such as Edward Winslow, Myles Standish and John and Priscilla Alden.
Brilliant hues have made the sugar maple a popular street tree throughout the region, including Worcester, where 19th-century Parks Commission chairman Edward Winslow Lincoln favored them above all other shade trees for their beauty and vigor," Evelyn Herwitz wrote in her book "Trees at Risk: Reclaiming an Urban Forest.
Edward Winslow Lincoln despised undertakers, politicians, real estate developers and the Worcester Street Department, not necessarily in that order.
The preliminary plan calls for re-grading and adding trails, removing undergrowth, installing signs, kiosks and entry gates and creating a small memorial at the summit in honor of the park's founder, Edward Winslow Lincoln.