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United States jurist appointed chief justice of the United States Supreme Court in 1910 by President Taft

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6) Lockwood is alluding to the quarto playbook of Arden of Faversham, "imprinted at London for Edward White, dwelling at the lyttle North dore of Paules Church at the signe of the Gun" in 1592, but the lost 1577 publication presumably based on a true murder, A Cruell Murder Donne in Kent, was also sold by Edward White and would have been for sale at this site.
Winner of class 120, Edward White, also of Wooldale 240215MSUNDERLAND_01
This book looks to Victorian examples of self-denial and self-discipline in these virtues, examining the habits of British intellectuals across many disciplines--science, literature, religion, and philosophy--as relating to Charles Dickens, Augustus De Morgan, Adam Sedgewick, Edward White Benson, Samual Smiles, and many others.
Edward White first terrorised Caron Brown, 39 and Alex Gardener, 72, at the pensioner's home.
Edward White puts it, Beard "invited the conclusion that interests drove ideas.
Getting young people on board with energy and sustainability is so important to our future in the Northeast and across the country, so National Grid is proud to partner with GEF for the sixth year in a row," said Edward White, vice president of Customer Strategy and Environmental, National Grid.
In 1965, astronaut Edward White became the first American to walk in space during the flight of Gemini 4.
These new discoveries increase understanding of the background and motivations of the men who played baseball in its early years; for example, there is new info on William Edward White, the first African American major leaguer, who played only one game.
In a statement, following his meeting with US embassy advisor Edward White, he stressed the importance of supporting human rights dossiers in Iraq by international organizations.
One of our main priorities at National Grid is to practice and promote environmental responsibility, and that includes working with customers on how they can use energy efficiency programs to save money and help protect our planet," said Edward White, vice president, Customer and Business Strategy.
Flowers or donations if desired made payable to Save the Children c/o Edward White & Son, 7477 St.
22, Oklahoma City lawyer Edward White and New York City lawyer Kenneth Elan filed a class action lawsuit against West Publishing, which owns Westlaw, and Reed Elsevier, which owns LexisNexis.
1965: The Gemini 4 spaceship was launched with Edward White on board.
ACLJ attorney Edward White III said the group plans to appeal the ruling.
Edward White wartime electrician's mate power and light 2nd class, ACORN 33 [an airfield construction and rehabilitation unit], US Navy, Pacific Theater (Guam), Avalon, New Jersey