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an English pirate who operated in the Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of North America (died in 1718)

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By what name was the 17th century pirate Edward Teach better known?
People think the typical pirate is a mixture of Edward Teach (Blackbeard), Captain Kidd, Long John Silver, Captain Hook and Errol Flynn.
The young Franklin's ballad recalls the last day in the life of Captain Edward Teach, commonly known as Blackbeard, the pirate who plundered the Atlantic coast.
Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard, was one of history's most famous and cruel pirates, a man who apparently loved torturing his victims as much as he loved a drunken orgy.
Well, for one thing, you need John Malkovich taking enormous bites out of the scenery playing Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, whose beard is now white as he rules over life and illicit commerce on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas.
1718: Edward Teach, the English pirate who sailed under the name of Blackbeard, was killed off the coast of North Carolina.
Edward Teach or Thatch, aka Blackbeard, and recover additional artefacts from his pirate crew.
Most historical accounts contend that the early 18th century pirate, known as Edward Teach or Thatch, was from Bristol, England.
Grand Cayman, the pirates' lair for Welsh buccaneer Sir Henry Morgan and 'Blackbeard' Edward Teach, is a plateau, with no fresh water and no food sources.
Angus McFaddyen is Edward Teach who challenges Hornigold for the captaincy of his ship and wins.
The most famous pirate to roam the waters was Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard.