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anthropologist and linguist


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Not long before his death, the late linguist Edward Sapir wrote a series of brilliant essays in an effort to work through his affliction of Arbeitshimmel, or what today we would identify as "workaholism.
Edward Sapir, linguist and anthropologist, wrote his study on "Language" to show words in "relation to other fundamental interests -- the problem of thought, the nature of the historical process, race, culture, art.
The anthropology division was then under the direction of Edward Sapir, a former student of Boas.
She, along with a handful of graduate students, was trained at Yale University by Edward Sapir, the legendary linguist and anthropologist, and became a force behind the Survey of California Indian Languages.
Falk draws from the work of Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf, Maxwell McCombs and Donald shaw, George Gerbner, George Lakoff, and other scholars whose work emphasizes that the primary means by which populations become familiar with candidates is through the media.
Another linguist, Edward Sapir, likewise suggests that the language that we use places our mind into particular kinds of "grooves," guiding our perceptions of the things around us.
Famed linguist Edward Sapir worked with Ishi to document the Yahi language.
This CD-ROM contains book and article-length works plus a number of unpublished writings by Benjamin Whorf, the student and colleague of linguist and anthropologist Edward Sapir who along with Whorf formulated the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (also known as the theory of linguistic relativity) which postulates that a particular language's nature influences the habitual thought of its speakers: different language patterns yield different patterns of thought.