Edward R. Murrow

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United States broadcast journalist remembered for his reports from London during World War II (1908-1965)

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The RTDNA has been recognizing outstanding achievements in electronic journalism with the Edward R.
For the first time in six years, ABC News won the Edward R.
In this movie translation of A Prairie Home Companion, the long-running National Public Radio program, Garrison Keillor is no Edward R.
George Clooney, who directed, co-wrote and co-stars in the film, takes an indirect approach to present day concerns, using a 1954 televised confrontation between newscaster Edward R.
In an era of patriot acts and sedition laws, in a time when a citizen's silence is mistaken as loyalty to his country, I'm thankful for men like Edward R.
Given the NSA scandal and the Plame affair, the words of Edward R.
After the discussion, after the questions from the audience, as we were leaving, one of my fellow panelists asked if I'd seen "Good Night and Good Luck," the movie about the legendary broadcast journalist Edward R.
It's a series of radio essays based on a program created by acclaimed journalist Edward R.
She has won the prestigious Peabody Award, rarely given to reporters working for local news stations, the Edward R.
Greatest influence: His father, Samuel Goldwyn, and Edward R.
Kaltenborn, Lowell Thomas, Walter Winchell, Edward R.
Ironically, it was controversial programs such as that that eventually led to the breakup of the close Paley-Murrow relationship, and the freezing-out of Edward R.
But a little positive reinforcement never hurt anyone, which is why we're thrilled to report that we've won three national honors in this year's Edward R.
The RTDNA has honored outstanding achievements in electronic journalism with the Edward R.