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King of England from 1461 to 1470 and from 1471 to 1483


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2 PLAYED BY ESSIE DAVIS Once Queen of England, the death of her husband King Edward IV may have diminished her position, but it has done little to dent her ambition to put a Yorkist back on the throne.
Charles the Bold was ruler of Burgundy in France and on good terms with Edward IV.
The second reign of Edward IV is recounted as well as the rise of his brother, Duke Richard of Gloucester, who is presented in a very positive light prior to his usurpation.
This article discusses how playwrights stage walking in this play and a near contemporary work, Thomas Heywood's The First and Second Parts of Edward IV (ca 1599), to explore ideas of neighbourhood in early modern London.
The sevenbedroom house was once the home of Edward IV and later William Collingbourne, who conspired against Richard III in 1484.
More than 28,000 died as Henry VI's Lancastrian forces were crushed and the throne was claimed by Edward IV.
1483: The young Edward V acceded to the throne on the death of Edward IV.
Just as Edward IV brought Yorkist to the throne in 1461, Robert Baratheon was also able to overthrow Targeryen rule.
After several rounds of fighting interspersed with conspiracy and betrayal, Edward IV killed Henry VI and his heir before forcing their supporters into submission and exile.
The princes (not named in the novel) are Edward and Richard, sons of King Edward IV, locked in the Tower of London and assumed murdered, and their unde is Duke of Gloucester who becomes ICing Richard III.
Told largely through Elizabeth Woodville, a commoner and comely widow who wedded then-king Edward IV, the limited series features more than its share of bodice-ripping and betrayal, while zeroing in on the pressure on women to produce male heirs.
NEW White Queen BBC1, 9pm Epic period drama starring Rebecca Ferguson - not the X Factor finalist - as Elizabeth Woodville, the most beautiful woman in 15th-century England, the first commoner to marry a king, Edward IV, and the mother of the Princes in the Tower.
Richard was a royal prince until the death of his brother Edward IV in 1483.
After the Duke's death in 1460, he revised it further for Edward IV.