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entertainment that is intended to be educational

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For us it is vitally important to reward employees when they have performed well and taking the Edutain as a learning and inspiration back to their workspace to live our purpose Creating a future, enhancing life.
Thieme said, "This has been one of the greatest opportunities for me to lead such a wonderful group of people who really deserved to be rewarded with the Edutain trip.
The 9 lucky overall value stars will be treated to an all-expense paid Edutain trip to Durban in South Africa where fun and education are sure to lead to an unforgettable journey.
This year, the nine overall Value Star winners will be rewarded with an Edutain trip to Durban that is a combination of education and entertainment, and for some of them it will be an experience of a lifetime as it will be their first time to go beyond the Namibian borders.
Sonic The Hedgehog Edutains Kids with Math, Reading and