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entertainment that is intended to be educational

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Since then, we have created life-changing educational entertainment solutions that help children develop a life long love of learning.
Tony is a terrific addition to our team, and his strong background in managing global teams and developing new markets will be essential to our efforts to deliver the best educational entertainment experiences for children all around the world.
Because of the range in quantity and quality of puppetry, I would like to focus on some of the puppets used in educational entertainment in South Africa.
And it can also host up to 60 other public events, involving acoustic music, amplified performances in some parts of the grounds, as well as story-telling events, clowns and educational entertainment.
Also adding to the educational entertainment market, Walt Disney Home Entertainment is unveiling Disney Learning Adventures, a preschool line that combines early learning fundamentals with Disney stories and characters.
I think it had a great impact on the kids,'' said Ramona Brandes, director of school programs and events for Community Educational Entertainment, the group that organized the event.
Working with Jaron Lanier, the Bay Area entertainment scientist who coined the term "virtual reality," Plattner plans to stretch the boundaries between retailing and educational entertainment.
is an educational entertainment venture that caters to the interests of tween and teen girls worldwide.
An opportunity for Lexibook "This educational entertainment console with revolutionary design and content is the all-encompassing focus of our 2015 brand ambitions, given the highly promising market potential for children's game consoles.
Written, produced, and directed by the husband and wife team of John & Tamara Maellaro, the true labor-of-love continues to show their unique artistic vision as leaders in the field of children's educational entertainment.
Lot 4 - Sports equipment and educational entertainment - mini amount per year: 1 000,00 euro (HT).
was founded in 2010 by three Canadian fathers, David Banford, Jimmy Bouchard and Rejean Gauthier, who wanted to offer positive and educational entertainment to their children.
Team members join impressive lineup of UAE stars at summer educational entertainment event
Each pack includes the hit DVD "Nursery Rhyme Singing Time with Mother Goose Club," winner of nine industry awards for best educational entertainment product of 2011.
Being leaders in the field of children's educational entertainment for more than a decade made them perfectly suited to create the strikingly fresh mix of smarts wrapped in fun.
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