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lacking official approval

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For more information about educational accreditation, visit the Council for Higher Education Accreditation Web site at <http://www.
At a time of escalating neo-liberal reform, of international testing and accountability movements, of the regionalisation of educational accreditation and certification, and of increasing rhetoric about educational quality as a key to economic competitiveness, some of the founding concerns of comparative education have returned to the fore.
The streaming audio and video broadcasts also support automated certified educational accreditation testing and reporting, which allows Educational Directors of associations and professional societies to offer members an efficient online testing tool to use in maintaining their professional certifications.
Primrose is the first preschool organization in the country to achieve the gold standard in educational accreditation from AdvancED(TM) and to require all of its schools to become SACS CASI or NCA CASI accredited.
True educational accreditation will be provided by select academic partners.
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